Are You A Small Business Owner Superhero?

National Small Business Week

This year, the SBA will recognize entrepreneurs and small businesses from April 29th to May 5th during National Small Business Week (NSBW).

According to the SBA “more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year!” Chances are then, that if you are reading this you owe your livelihood to a small business.

Growth Tip: Use NSBW to promote your own business! Feature a new product, offer a discount promo, plan a community event or join a Twitter chat for more exposure.

In honor of NSBW, we are offering our own promos (through May 5th, 2018):

  • NEW CLIENTS get 50% off the first 3 months of payroll
  • For any EXISTING clients that refer new business, they will get 50% off one month’s payroll for every company referral

For the past ten years, Pacific Payroll has intentionally chosen to work with small businesses. It’s our target audience and it’s a business sector where we can make the most difference in the business owners’ lives. You know and love and nurture your core business – the same way we love payroll.Small Business Week

Running a small business ourselves, Pacific Payroll knows how your day looks. Oh boy do we ever! Your day is long and can be hectic as you bounce from task to task. Every day brings a different adventure and while it can be tiresome, it’s hugely gratifying.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our company is that we get to work with a very broad range of business types and personalities on a daily basis. While our clients vary, commonalities for the owners include the facts that time is precious, there is no time for errors and nobody wants to deal with complicated processes. That’s why we pride ourselves on the way we do business: Get payroll done, get it done right and make it easy.

So, while this week is National Small Business Week, we at Pacific Payroll stand up and salute you, the small business owner each and every day. Without you, we wouldn’t be here continuing to grow. Without you and without the growth, we wouldn’t be able to continue to hire and provide some of those jobs the SBA mentions is because of small businesses like ours.

Finally, for those who have that sparkle in their eye and are ready to start their own NEW business, here are some resources that will help.

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What our clients say about us

Gordon and his team run this first class operation. Why go with the big box ADP when you can have professional, personalized services at a lower cost? It’s a no brainer.

They take care of my payroll needs for multiple locations so I can focus on growing my business. Gordon promptly responds to all my questions and concerns. He also helps me take care of additional issues like workers’ comp audits and taxes.

Julie L. via Yelp

I wish I would have known about them years ago. You call you get to talk to Gordon, you email your data into him and it gets done… like a smooth-running machine. I strongly suggest you call Gordon and start having him handle your payroll needs today.

We as business owners have enough to do without having to deal with Federal and State agencies. Put your efforts into your business that you know best, that is what makes you money.

Sharon D. via Google

We’ve been with this company for almost a year and could not be more pleased. Gordon keeps us in compliance with all of the complex employment and tax rules. He is extremely patient, committed and giving of his time and knowledge without reservation. If we need help understanding something he is always there for us.

If you’re thinking about getting someone to take over your payroll, give Gordon a call. He is more than affordable and worth every penny.

Kathleen M. via Yelp

I had stayed with a large payroll company because I thought it was difficult to change. Once my friend recommended Gordon, it was so fast and easy to switch! And my fees were cut in HALF!

And I pay nothing when they file quarterlies. And he’s a million times more responsive.

Arlene M. via Email
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