New Improved TimeKeeping Changes and Upgrades

You Asked For It – Easier TimeKeeping

SwipeClock, the developers of the main timekeeping system Pacific Payroll Group offers as part of our services to you, will be releasing some important upgrades to the system in the coming days and weeks. Some improvements will be in the areas of:

  • WebClock and ESS Changes
  • New Meal Compliance
  • New Look to Time Off Request

Improved TimeKeeping

“WebClock and the Employee Self Service (“ESS”) login page will soon look a little different. In addition to user interface changes, the new WebClock will also be the primary access point for the ESS. This means an employee will access their employee portal (for viewing the time card, requesting time off, etc.) through the same URL as the WebClock.”

The upgrades are meant to streamline the entire experience for the employee making everything faster and easier to use. Clocking in/out for a shift or meal break is quicker and easier, yet still accurate.

The IP tracking via website timekeeping and GPS tracking via the mobile time keeping application (available through Google Play or Apple iTunes) both remain unchanged.

If an employee wants to request time off or view their timecard they can do so on the same login screen as the WebClock now. Upgrades in visual appearance and the way the Employee Self Service functions are all improved, combining to make a better user experience.

Here is the link to the “WebClock Changes and Upgrades” PDF memo (it’s a quick read) for more details on these three key areas and how they may affect you or your employees.

I’ve also included a new “WebClock Instructions” PDF memo that can replace the one you may have on file (assuming you kept the old one from a few years ago!) that you can provide to employees or new hires.

When we get feedback from clients on any of our systems, we pass along the data to the developers of our products. I think you will be pleased with the latest upgrades.

If you have any questions please let me know and we can discuss.

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