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How Will Payroll Tax Updates Affect You?

Check Your Mail – 2018 IRS and State Payroll Tax Updates

Both the IRS and the States have begun sending out their 2018 payroll tax updates. While we get copied on most items, to ensure your payroll account is properly updated on time, please forward any communication you may receiving from either agency. Some of the items being sent are:

Tax updates

IRS – 2018 deposit requirements for Form 941

  • While this requires no action on your part, this is an important update so we can make sure your IRS taxes are paid on the appropriate schedule. Not all businesses will receive this notice.

California EDD – Notice of Contribution Rates

  • Provides your State unemployment tax rate for 2018. We only need the first page. Every business in California should be receiving this notice.

Other State Tax Changes

  • All other States, with the exception of Hawaii, should be sending a notice with the 2018 tax rates for unemployment and local taxes. Hawaii will send their tax update around March 1st.

Feel free to fax (888.789.6708) or email myself or with any of the above.

Thank you All.

– Gordon

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