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What is a Payroll Service?

A payroll service is a special type of company that handles the payroll functions of businesses independently. Payroll companies, like the highly trained and experienced team at Pacific Payroll, can handle all your payroll needs, leaving you free to focus on running and managing your business. Pacific Payroll can seamlessly integrate your payroll process, time keeping, HR, 401(k), payroll tax payments and workers’ compensation insurance payments, just to name a few! By utilizing our services you can reduce the time, cost and stress it takes for you to handle your own payroll.

What Specific Payroll Services Do You Offer?

Pacific Payroll is proud to offer a range of payroll services including:

  • All payroll tax filing service which provides you with all the reports you need for your records like Quarterly and Annual Tax Packets

  • Unlimited direct deposit service for your employees at no additional cost to you

  • Complimentary new hire reporting to the State

  • Low year-end processing fees for W2’s and/or 1099’s

  • Custom payroll reporting

  • Management of agency checks, including health plan payments and deductions, or garnishment order payments

  • Laser check signatures at no extra cost, by request

  • Accrual tracking and calculation for sick, vacation or PTO time

  • Online employee self-service, allowing them to view pay stubs, W2’s, and more with ease

  • 401(k) reporting and file uploads to your provider

  • Complimentary workers’ comp reporting and audit assistance

  • General Ledger (G/L) QuickBooks import file where online payroll data is automatically entered into your system

No matter what type of online payroll services you need, Pacific Payroll has you covered!

What Other Services Does Pacific Payroll Group Provide?

Along with extensive payroll services, Pacific Payroll also offers businesses and their employees other HR related services including:

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) – ESS is a web based resource that allows employees to access their payroll, personal benefits and leave information. Employees can also update or change any personal information in the system, including direct deposit account information and their home address. Employee self-service is a popular trend among businesses because it gives your employees the ability to handle many HR tasks on their own without the need for an HR rep. If the employee did not have access to ESS, helping them would fall to administrative staff or management.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Payroll services and California Workers’ Compensation are available through Pacific Payroll in one seamless solution. We offer pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance plans with many top rated workers compensation insurance carriers. Our rates are also extremely competitive. If you choose one of our partnerships we can upload your payroll data to them and they will base your premium solely on the payroll hours we provide. Let us shop around and find you the best insurance rate with no estimated premiums or audit forms.

  • Payroll Time Clock – We are happy to offer secure online time clocks that are easy to use and cost effective. It can be a hassle to collect time cards, add hours and submit them to your payroll professional. The team at Pacific Payroll has eliminated this long and tedious process with our time clock system. This system is synced to our payroll software which makes it a “hands free” payroll system. You have the ability to monitor your employees all across the organization, and right from the privacy of your office or home computer.

  • Direct Deposit – When all of your employees use direct deposit, we can create a paperless payroll system which saves you money and reduces waste for better protection of the environment.

With Pacific Payroll your employees will always have 24 hour, 7 days a week access to their information including check stubs, time accruals and personnel information, all from the comfort of a computer. Let our team save you time and resources by giving your employees access to the information they want right when they need it.

Why Should I Choose Pacific Payroll Group For My Payroll Needs?

Pacific Payroll is focused on payroll services specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Our goal to be your business’ payroll department, not just a typical call center. We can offer advice, answer questions, handle reporting projects, keep up to date on new labor law and educate about payroll taxes anytime. Our range of great services are also offered at a price small business can afford.

By choosing Pacific Payroll, you will gain a variety of features and benefits like:

  • Password protection for security. With our system, only appropriate personnel can access it

  • Ability to track and record employee personal information like their address and emergency contact information

  • Employees can view, print and save copies of pay stubs and other personal information all through our online system

  • Employees can obtain copies of their current and previous W2s or 1099s

  • Employees can receive notification of payment and when their paystub can be viewed online

  • Giving your employees the ability to easily update their personal information like their address, direct deposit account or even tax status

No matter what payroll service your business may need, call the experts at Pacific Payroll today. The highly trained and experienced team at Pacific Payroll is your complete payroll solution!

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Client Testimonials
Marianne Woneis
"I have worked with Gordon on placing Workers Comp for several of his clients. He is always quick to respond and puts his client's needs first. He is friendly, professional and has attention to detail."
Marianne Woneis; EComp Insurance
Veronica Baeza
"Thanks so much Gordon. I'm so glad to be using this feature directly through our payroll. Your service is excellent!"
Veronica Baeza; San Diego-Tijuana Border Initiative
Steve Downey
"Wow, what a great person to have as an expert in payroll on your team! Very diligent, efficient and attentive. Who else do you need to know to set up a payroll? He is the best! Hire him and you can forget about payroll being a hassle!"
Steve Downey; JS Downey Insurance Service
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