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Minimum Wage – What Your Business Needs to Know

Minimum wage is going up in many states January 1st, 2018! Here is what you need to know:

California Employers

California Minimum Wage

Effective January 1, 2018 for employers in California with 25 or less employees, the minimum wage will now be $10.50 per hour. Those with 26 or more employees will have a minimum wage of $11.00 per hour. Looking ahead, California employers can anticipate the following rate increases:

Minimum Wage in California

An employer with 26 or more employees at any time during a pay period should apply the higher minimum wage to all employees for that pay period. If an employer’s workforce falls below 26 employees the employer does not need to automatically lower their minimum wage rate. However, if the minimum wage is reduced because the threshold falls below 26 employees, the employer must notify the affected employees in advance before reducing their wages.

Minimum Salary Exemptions for California

  • “Computer software professionals” – For these employees to be exempt from overtime, effective January 1, 2018, the minimum annual salary of $90,790.07 will need to be achieved. This equals an hourly rate of $43.58, and/or a monthly salary of $7,565.85. If paid less than this, the employee should be subject to overtime
  • Other industries will have a threshold of $43,680.00 (smaller/25 or less employees) to $45,760 (larger employers). Anybody making less than these amounts should be considered non-exempt.

Please Keep in Mind

Local jurisdictions – Counties or Cities – may have their own minimum wage that may trump the State minimum wage. Employers must pay the rate that benefits the employee. Please check with your local government agency for more information.

Example: City of Los Angeles

The minimum wage in the City of Los Angeles will increase according to the following schedule:

Los Angeles Minimum Wage

Hawaii Employers

Hawaii Minimum Wage

Currently the minimum wage in Hawaii is $9.25 per hour.

For 2018 the new rate will be $10.10 per hour.

Arizona Employers

Arizona Minimum Wage

Currently the minimum wage in Arizona is $10.00 per hour. For 2018 the new rate will be $10.50 per hour.

Looking ahead in Arizona, the rates will increase as follows:

$11.00 per hour in 2019; and $12.00 per hour in 2020. On January 1, 2021, the Arizona minimum wage will increase each year by the cost of living.

Special Note

We are currently servicing small businesses in several states and constantly expanding. Please reach out to us if you don’t see your state listed.

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