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Why We Want To Get To Know You Better

Payroll is a Personal Business

When we take over your payroll, we’re taking a lot off your plate. Aside from removing the obvious tasks, we also have to verify the legitimacy of your business. Not because we don’t believe you, but because of government mandates.Gordon Payroll Know Your Company

Pacific Payroll is proactive. By using us, you’re more likely to avoid future payroll, employee or tax related issues than if you handle payroll on your own. We’re proactive so we can avoid any labor, payroll tax issues or penalties from the start. We’ll also handle your new hires and any questions from employees on payroll, deductions, vacation, sick pay, time and attendance tracking.

What Fun You Can Expect

To sign up, it’s easy. All you have to do is provide some data and we’ll do all of the work.

Step 1 – Electronically sign and review the company paperwork.

Step 2 – Provide employee data. Most everything can be found on your current payroll reports.

Step 3 – Provide YTD pay data, if applicable. It can be copies of the quarterly reports, most recent pay stub copies, and/or most recent reports. Again, we’ll enter all the data.

We will pick up in the year where your current provider leaves off.

What We Need To Trust (But Verify)

The government has a regulation called K.Y.C. – Know Your Customer. It means we need to prove you are who you say you are when we set you up for automatic payments through a financial institution. This means verifying you’re not a prohibited business, such as multi-level marketing.

Once we verify you can legally provide products or services (i.e. not internet gambling), there are procedures to prove it’s a viable business. Regulators always need to know where you’re physically located, who owns the business, and that you have a verifiable phone number for the business.

One last protection in place… we make sure the employer is not on the OFAC list. This is a list created by the government to track designated nationals and other blocked persons.Pacific Payroll Know Your Business

We’re dedicated to your success. Reach out to us with any questions on the process. We make it easy.

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Wow, what a great person to have as an expert in payroll on your team! Very diligent, efficient and attentive. Who else do you need to know to set up a payroll? He is the best! Hire him and you can forget about payroll being a hassle!

Thanks so much Gordon. I’m so glad to be using this feature directly through our payroll. Your service is excellent!

I have worked with Gordon on placing Workers Comp for several of his clients. He is always quick to respond and puts his client’s needs first. He is friendly, professional and has attention to detail.

Marianne Woneis
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