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Why You Might Want Payroll Help When You Think You Don’t

Why Should I Hire A Payroll Service If I Only Have 1-2 Employees?

As a small business owner, you are used to wearing many “hats” in the course of a single day. You do it all, and get things done. If you have one or two employees, or maybe you are about to hire your first employee, the thought of payroll has crossed your mind. You may have even thought about outsourcing payroll but opted not to because of the added cost.

Here is why you may want to outsource your payroll:

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Think Of It As An Insurance Policy

Sure, on the surface getting one or two people paid is no big deal and it shouldn’t be a big deal. Payroll should be easy. However, it only takes one thing to happen and next thing you know, you are dealing with either a labor or a payroll tax issue for months on end. Since we already know you wear many hats in the day – from marketing, IT, sales, customer service, all around problem fixer – you are busy. Now nobody is saying you cannot handle a quick and easy payroll, but mistakes happen when we get busy or tired. Who wants to deal with the IRS on an issue that could easily be avoided? You have other things to do in your day.

All too often, clients come to us who have used some method of an “in-house” payroll system and it worked great, until it didn’t. Just recently we talked to a business owner who simply forgot to “click a few options” when setting up an employee and has now spent nearly 6 months trying to clean up a mess with the State and IRS.

We’ve also had clients come to us because they paid employees incorrectly and have been dealing with labor issues which are NOT easy to fix, nor are they cheap. It only takes one employee to cause issues. In California, with more and more complex labor laws it’s hard to get everything right all the time, unless your job is processing payroll for clients all day every day. Providing proper overtime, final checks, sick time accruals…the list goes on and on and whether you have one employee or one hundred you have to get it done correctly.

I have been in your shoes too. Trust me, I know what your day is like. Payroll isn’t the most exciting thing to handle because you are spending money. Why do you want to spend more money and outsource it? Having a professional company handle your payroll is cheaper than potentially having to deal with payroll tax penalties and interest and much cheaper than one go-around of fines with the State Labor Board.Payroll Help

Payroll is fun for us, and we like to think we are a fun company to work with. Let us handle your payroll and payroll taxes so you can go do what you do best – growing your business.

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Wow, what a great person to have as an expert in payroll on your team! Very diligent, efficient and attentive. Who else do you need to know to set up a payroll? He is the best! Hire him and you can forget about payroll being a hassle!

Thanks so much Gordon. I’m so glad to be using this feature directly through our payroll. Your service is excellent!

I have worked with Gordon on placing Workers Comp for several of his clients. He is always quick to respond and puts his client’s needs first. He is friendly, professional and has attention to detail.

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